Tickets available to book!


Finally the day is here… you are able to start booking your tickets for the Christmas lectures!

The reason for the delay this year was that the new website that we created last year needed a ticket booking module created from scratch, or at least having to rewrite swathes of the original code. It is not perfect but should get us through this year. I am sure we will have to make edits to the bookings between now and Christmas as people accidentally book too many tickets and put typos into their email address but we can handle that!

This was the first year we have had to get our head around WordPress, it is an interesting experience, I’m old school – I like good old fashioned HTML with a wee bit of Javascript and python thrown in, there is not much I cannot do with these old favourites but I understand that in order for everyone in the team to update the website and keep it low maintenance WordPress is the way!


I hope you all have success in getting your tickets, you know where to find us if you have a problem (twitter, email).